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Under a Pole Star (Penney Stef)

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Under a Pole Star (Penney Stef)

Under a Pole Star (Penney Stef)

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Kód: MDA.0308843 , EAN: 9781786481191

Parametry - Under a Pole Star (Penney Stef)

Značka Quercus publishing
Počet stránek 599
Datum uvedení 10.08.2017
Hmotnost 0,416 Kg
Typ produktu Knihy - paperback
ISBN 978-1-78648-119-1

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Popis - Under a Pole Star (Penney Stef)

RICHARD & JUDY BOOK CLUB 2017 - 'ONE OF THE BEST NOVELS I HAVE READ FOR A VERY LONG TIME' RICHARD MADELEY'A dazzling tale of romance and survival' (Guardian)Follow the path to the freezing north. Follow your ambition. Follow your heartFlora Mackie was twelve when she first crossed the Arctic Circle on her father's whaling ship. Now she is returning to the frozen seas as head of her own expedition of exploration.Jakob de Beyn was raised in Manhattan but his yearning for new horizons leads him to the Arctic as part of a rival expedition. When he and Flora meet there is an instant connection that slowly builds to become an all-consuming love. The affair survives the growing tensions between the two groups. Then, after one last glorious summer on the Greenland coast, Jakob joins his leader on an extended trip into the interior, with devastating results. The stark beauty of the Arctic, where pack ice can crush a ship like an eggshell, and the empty sweep of the tundra, alternately a snow-muffled wasteland and an unexpectedly gentle meadow, are vividly evoked. Against this backdrop Stef Penney weaves an irresistible love story, a compelling look at the dark side of the golden age of exploration, and a mystery that Flora, returning one last time to the North Pole as an old woman, will finally lay to rest.

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